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Professional office sanitisation, disinfection and commercial cleaning of your office and work environments with the revolutionary New Zealand-made BioShield®75. Delivering real assurance and true value.

90 Day Surface Protection!  
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How our sanitising & disinfecting service protects you and your work spaces

BioShield® 75 is a ground-breaking, long lasting antimicrobial technology.  With just one application:

Permanently bonds to a surface.

Stops odours by killing bacteria at the source.

Inhibits the growth of bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi and other microorganisms on almost any surface, even textiles.

Forms a safe, non-toxic shield that kills any germs that come into contact.

While disinfectants kill germs on contact, they only do so for the few minutes the surface is wet. BioShield® 75 continues to shield the surface while it is dry and offers protection from harmful microorganisms for up to 90 days and in some cases for the life of the surface!

We use Your Cleaners for all cleaning services at our South Island hub.  With over 250 staff and contractors on site during a 24-hour period Your Cleaners have proven reliable and responsive to our requirements.  Great staff, competitive rates and we are happy to recommend.

- Casey Everett, New Zealand Couriers

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“YOUR CLEANERS…have been our commercial office cleaners of choice for the last year. We have found them exceptional in their attention to detail and more than cost effective. Their cleaning service plus their prompt support service for consumables is unparalleled.”

- Michelle

How BioShield® 75 works

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As a professional commercial cleaning company, we go the extra mile for all our clients.

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We have been helping Christchurch stay clean for over 12 years. And you will be happy to know we are still 100% New Zealand owned.

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Safeguard your staff and your offices with our hospital-grade sanitisation and disinfection service.