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Why Office Carpet Cleaning is Important

Commercial office carpet cleaning

As a business owner, we understand that looking after our staff and our customers means growing a more successful business. But did you know that keeping your office and workspaces clean and tidy also helps to grow a more successful business?

Here are a few ways that having your office and workplace carpets regularly cleaned can help your business flourish.

Healthy Carpets, Healthy Staff

One of the hardest things for any employer is to have staff off sick. You have to scramble to have other staff fill their jobs for them, and hope that they aren’t sick for more than a day or two. In fact, in 2018 New Zealand lost 7.4 million work days due to absence!

A great way to help keep your staff healthy, is to provide a clean healthy work environment. Carpets hold a lot of dirt, in fact they can hold as much as four times their weight in dirt and be as much as 4,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat!

Regular commercial cleaning of your office carpets can help:

  1. Clean dirt and bad bacteria
  2. Reduce allergens in the air
  3. Remove dust mites which can trigger asthma attacks
  4. Clean mold before it takes hold

Professional carpet cleaning can successfully remove about 98% of dirt and pollutants from your carpet, helping to keep your employees healthier.

Present the best to staff and clients

Impressions are very important. Stained, dirty, smelly carpets can leave a very poor impression on staff and clients. A clean healthy office shows your staff and clients that you not only value them, but take pride in all facets of your business.

A dirty work environment could make your staff feel like they do not need to respect your equipment or put in 100% effort. They may not even want to work for you at all, thinking that you might treat your employees the same way as you treat your workspaces.

Dirty office spaces may loose you business. Clients may feel you might provide a poor service that is inline with the condition of your office environment. Poor impressions are often talked about, so they might even tell others that the office spaces were dirty and uninviting.

Commercial carpet cleaning ensures that your carpets look, smell and are their best. Great work environments are also talked about, so you might find staff and clients telling others of the pristinely clean offices you have!

Another great way to make your office spaces feel fresh and clean, and your staff and clients feel welcome, is by greeting them with beautiful office flowers.

Extend the life of your carpet

Looking after your carpet with regular cleaning will also help increase the life of the carpet. As with any equipment, dirt, dust and mold can deteriorate your carpet quickly and be very costly to replace. Regular cleaning will not only ensure it looks great, but that it lasts longer.